Escort interpreting
  • Travel And Visit Accompanying Services In China
  • Shopping And Shopping Bargain Accompanying Services
  • Chinese Factory Or Company Visit Accompanying Services
  • Chinese Provinces And Cities Investigation Accompanying Services

400¥ /Day

Interpretation For Small Meetings
  • Communications For Small Meetings with Less Than 10 Participators
  • Communications For Chinese-Foreign Exchange talks
  • Communications For Small Academic Exchange
  • Communications For Business Negotiations Conference

600¥ /Hour

Interpretation For Live Large-Scale Conference
with over 50 participators and the relevant questions from journalists
  • Interpretation of various domestic press conferences
  • Commendation Meeting, Commemoration, Celebration, Victory Meeting
  • English interpretation of press conferences and reports in China
  • Proseminar, Hearing, Reply Session ,Thematic Session

5000¥ /Hour

Translation Services

Common Documents Translation Services
  • Personal Resume Translation Services
  • Company Introduction Translation Services
  • General Correspondence Translation Services
  • Literary Works Translation Services

100¥ / Thousand Chinese Characters

Technical Documents Translation Services
  • Technical documentation Translation Services
  • Product  Description  Translation   Services
  • Academic Papers Translation Services
  • Operation Manual Translation Services

120¥ / Thousand Chinese Characters

Legal Document Translation Services
  • Financial statements Translation Services
  • Various Contract Translation Services
  • Visa, Qualification And Product Certification Translation Services
  • Investigation  Report  Translation  Services

130¥/ Thousand Chinese Characters

Other Services

Stamped Translation Services
  • Various Stamped Certificate Translation Services
  • Various Stamped Contract Translation Services

150¥ /copy

Accounting Services
  • Register Of Company
  • Accounting Statements

400¥ /Month

Website Development Services
  • Personal Website Development
  • Enterprise Website Development


Graphic layout
  • Product Description Layout
  • Website Layout

500¥ /page


About us

Miao-yin translation company is a global translation company, the purpose of the service is to provide the most standard Chinese translation services for companies or individuals in all countries!

Products and services

  • Translation and writing services
  • Chinese Tutoring Service
  • website development service
  • Picture production service
  • Sales of general merchandise